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 Andre’ & Daphne Wooten’s Public Affairs TV Show will air: 

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  African History Videos Program Color & the Constitution Presents:

“The Black Lives Matter Founders Speaking in Honolulu”

   4/7/2017  10:30 PM      OLELO  Channel 53

   4/13/2017 8:00 AM   OLELO  Channel 53

   4/14/2017 6:00 PM   OLELO  Channel 53

   4/15/2017 1:30 PM OLELO Channel 53

       Dr. Ernest Harris' Congressional Gold Medal Award Ceremony.   Honoring the very first African-American Marines, who trained at Monfort Point.

            February 17, 2017 7:00 PM OLELO 53

            February 18, 2017 9:00 AM OLELO 53

            February 22, 2017 11:00 PM OLELO 53

            February 23, 2017 3:00 PM OLELO 53

         A Video visit to Havana Cuba with U.S. local and national attorneys.   See Old Havana, the Museum of the Revolution for The Cuban version of Cuban History and great music and dance performances. 



   February 17, 2017  8:30 PM OLELO 53

   February 18 2017  11:00 AM OLELO 53

   February 23, 2017  9:30 AM OLELO 53

   February 24, 2017  10:30 PM OLELO 53


Color & the Constitution: WEB DuBois Museum

       9/23/20166:00 PM   Olelo  53

9/24/20168:00 AM   Olelo  53

9/29/201610:00 PM  Olelo  53

10/1/201611:00 AM  Olelo  53

 Andre and Sylvia Discuss Constitutional Law

9/23/2016  7:00 PM Olelo  53

9/24/2016  9:00 AM Olelo  53

9/29/2016  11:00 PM Olelo 53

10/1/2016  12:00 PM Olelo 53

Color & the Constitution: President Obama' Scorecard

 9/23/2016  7:30 PM Olelo  53

9/24/2016  9:30 AM Olelo  53

9/29/2016  11:30 PM Olelo 53

10/1/2016  12:30 PM Olelo 53

African History Introduction

9/24/2016  6:00 PM  Olelo  53

9/29/2016  4:30 PM  Olelo  53

9/30/2016 10:00 PM  Olelo  53

10/6/2016  8:00 AM  Olelo   53

25th Honolulu NAACP Awards Diner

9/29/2016  2:30 PM  Olelo  53

9/30/2016  6:00 PM  Olelo  53

10/6/2016  1:00 PM  Olelo  53

10/7/2016 10:00 PM  Olelo  53 


Color & The Constitution:

Andre Wooten on Constitutional History

With Sylvia Obradavitch, Honolulu, Hawaii

Color & the Constitution: 

W.E.B. Dubois Museum in Accra, Ghana

4/22/2016 8:00 PM OLELO 53

4/23/2016 11:00 AM OLELO 53

4/28/2016 9:30 AM OLELO 53

4/29/2016 3:00 PM OLELO 53

Color & the Constitution Presents: 

The Louvre KMT Egyptian Exhibit Revisited 2015

By The African History Videos Company

           December 12, 2015   6:00 PM    OLELO 53

          December 24, 2015  4:30 PM    OLELO 53

          December 25, 2015  8:00 AM    OLELO 53

            December 26, 2015      11:00 AM      OLELO 53


     Take a Video Tour of the Louvre's ancient Kemetic Egyptian collection display, which was started by Napoleon's invasion of Egypt and war against the Mamalukes in 1798 and the plunder the French troops carried back to Europe with them.   But only after making a deal with the British to give them enough priceless Kemetic statues and artifacts (Like the Rosetta stone) to start the British Museum as well, after Lord Nelson burned Napoleon's ships and trapped the French Army in Egypt in 1799. 

Our next Public Affairs TV show to air in Honolulu will be a replay of a talk by International Human Rights Attorney Dudley Thompson, former R.A.F. pilot during WWII, attorney for Jomo Kenyatta during the Mau Mau Revolution trials, and Jamaican Ambassador, spoke at UH on History and the need for reparations. He was also the uncle of our friend Adella Chu.

Color & the Constitution: Sir Dudley Thompson Speaks at U of Hawaii, About his long career as an International Human Rights Attorney and Jamaican Diplomat and as a Chairperson of the UNESCO Slavery Reparations Committee.

All three currently living presidents of Jamaica and numerous International dignitaries spoke at Sir Dudley’s State funeral in Kingston a few years ago.

Dudley Thompson and Jomo Kenyatta met as students in London before WWII. Dudley was the first lawyer Jomo called when he was jailed by the British for leading the Mau Mau Revolution in Kenya. 

Color & the Constitution: 

African Queens of KMT

 March 26, 201510:00 PM  OLELO  53

 March 27, 2015   8:30 PM  OLELO  53

 March 28, 2015   1:00 PM  OLELO  53

 April  2, 2015   9:30 AM  OLELO  53

       Statue of Queen Tiye, wife of Amenhotep-Amenophis III, 18th Dynasty Mother of Amenhotep-Amenophis IV who changed his name to Akhenaten, grandmother of King Tutanhkamen, King Tut.


         Hatshepsut was the daughter of Thutmose I and his primary wife Ahmes. Her husband Thutmose II was the son of Thutmose I and a secondary wife named Mutneferet, who carried the title King's daughter and was probably a child of Ahmose I. Hatshepsut and Thutmose II had a daughter named Neferure. Thutmose II fathered Thutmose III with Iset, a secondary wife.

Hatshepsut also Hatchepsut; meaning Foremost of Noble Ladies; 1508–1458 BC) was the fifth pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt. Hatshepsut came to the throne of Egypt in 1478 BC. Officially, she ruled jointly with Thutmose III who had ascended to the throne as a child one year earlier. Hatshepsut was the chief wife of Thutmose II, Thutmose III’s father. She is generally regarded by Egyptologists as one of the most successful pharaohs, reigning longer than any other woman of an indigenous Egyptian dynasty. According to Egyptologist James Henry Breasted she is also known as "the first great woman in history of whom we are informed."

Hatshepsut's beautiful temple along the Nile is across the river from the Grand Temple of Amen Ra later called Karnak in Luxor-Thebes-Wa'Set.

Color & the Constitution: 

Lost Temples of Nubia Vol. 1   —   A visit to some of the ancient Temples of Nubia saved from the flood in 1970 when the Aswan Dam was raised flooding 300 miles and 30 ancient cities of Nubia.

2/12/2015  4:30 PM  OLELO 53

2/13/2015  8:00 AM  OLELO 53 

Color & the Constitution: 

Havana Lights–   A visit to modern Havana   A look at Cuban History from the Cuban perspective 

     See some of the sights and sounds of Havana now that the U.S. Government has begun to normalize diplomatic relations with our closest Carribean neighbor.   Havana was started by Chris Columbus and thus is one of the oldest colonial European founded cities in the Americas and is over 600 years old now.   

     The majority of the population are people descended from the Spanish colonists Africans captured into slavery generations ago.  The Cuban-Spanish-American War in 1898 began when the majority Cuban population revolted against their Spanish overlords for freedom and a non-discriminatory economy and society.  

     The United States via Teddy Roosevelt and the Buffalo Soldiers interceded After the battleship Maine somehow got detonated in Havana Harbor.  The U.S.A. made a treaty with Spain in Paris 2 years later without Cuban participation, leading to decades of U.S. government participation of Cuban economic and government affairs.   Which ended with the Castro revolution in 1959 and the nationalization of U.S. owned properties of Hilton and Standard oil companies in 1960 which lead to the embargo of Cuba for the last 50 years. 

     Each of the island nations of the Carribean have a history to tell.  A tale that is similar and familiar in historical type but they had different European invaders and unique responses to historical forces are revealed in the details of the historical facts influences by the local personalities creating new societies and economies in response to their unique island stresses.     

2/12/2015  8:30 AM   OLELO 53

2/13/2015  10:30 PM  OLELO 53

Color & the Constitution: 

From Honolulu to Africa and Back

Honolulu residents Prof. Kathryn Takara, Tadia Rice and Prof. Ann Hallack talk about their recent trips to different countries in Africa in 2014. 

2/19/2015  4:00 PM  OLELO 53

2/20/2015  7:00 PM  OLELO 53

2/21/2015  1:00 PM  OLELO 53

2/26/2015  11:00 PM  OLELO 53

Andre Wooten Talks History on Maui

8/31/2014   7:30 PM   OLELO 54

9/1/2014   11:00 AM   OLELO 54

9/6/2014   11:30 AM   OLELO 54

9/7/2014   1:30 PM    OLELO 54

Color & the Constitution: 

A Visit to Cape Coast Ghana

9/4/2014     11:00 PM    OLELO 53

9/6/2014    5:30 AM       OLELO 53

9/19/2014    11:00 PM    OLELO 53

10/22/2014   6:00 PM     OLELO 53

Check the link below for a brief sample of the one hour program

  El Mina Castle, the first European Fort built in the Gulf Coast in the 1500s by Swedes

Fishermen and Fishing boats near Cape Coast Castle on White Man's Beach

African-American Attorneys of the National Bar Association reflect inside Cape Coast Castle

Cape Coast Fishermen coming back with the catch

    “The Fiji-Thebes Connection”

March 14,   2014   4:30 PM   OLELO 53

March 20,   2014   9:00 AM   OLELO 53

March 22,   2014   7:30 PM   OLELO 53

March 27,   2014   9:00 AM   OLELO 53

Color & the Constitution Andre’ & Daphne Wooten’s Public Affairs TV Show will air:

 The 2014 Honolulu NAACP Dr MLK Awards

March  14,   2014  9:00 AM  OLELO 53

March  28,   2014  6:00 PM  OLELO 53

April  4,  2014   9:30 AM      OLELO 53

April  5,  2014   2:00 PM      OLELO 53



I want to thank all of my good friends and colleagues in the Honolulu NAACP for giving Daphne & I a Special Life Time Achievement honor on the occasion of the 25th Annual Honolulu MLK Holiday celebration diner.    

I really do appreciate this, more than you may know.I have not missed one of these diners in 25 years since Corretta Scott King helped us celebrate the passage of the holiday in Hawaii 25 years ago.   That’S when you see the professional and together permanent resident brothers and sisters on the Island get together for the cause.

Over the years we have had many interesting speakers for the diners like: MLK III, Louis Farakhan, Maxine Waters and others who have labored long fighting for civil rights and to improve the living conditions of African-Americans.   These diners are a highlight of the year and an opportunity to see many of the folks of color in the islands that you don’t run into everyday. 

Daphne & 1 try in our work and community activities to defend the principals of Freedom and Equality for everyone.   No matter how big the person or organization is that is violating a person’S rights or causing physical injury we have filed suits and in many cases prevailed in making a bad situation better.

But Daphne and I have both arrived at this juncture with the help of those who have gone before us and those who have stood with us in these battles to expand human rights.    

Some of you may know that while my dad, Howard A. Wooten, was a Tuskegee Airman who volunteered to fight Nazi’S and the enemies of the USA in WWII.   He died when I was a baby.    His people were brought into Galveston Texas as slaves in 1840 and then they were marched 200 miles north and sold on the block in Crockett Texas.    And though they came out of slavery with nothing in 1965, my great-grandparents acquired 500 acres of Texas by 1900; and their children owned more than 3000 acres by 2000.

My school teacher, mom Josephine was born in Selma, Alabama and married an attorney Charles Stokes, after my father died.    He was a Washington State Representative for Seattle in the 50s got the first Anti-Housing discrimination bill passed in the USA.    He was president of the NAACP in Seattle and one of the founders of the Washington State Black Attorneys Association, black radio station and bank in Seattle.

And thus participating in the struggle to advance the civil rights of black folks was something I watched my trial attorney dad participate in while growing up in his house.    

Both of our fathers (Charles Stokes and Lloyd Barbee) were African-American lawyers in private practice who also represented their respective neighborhoods in the Washington and Wisconsin state legislatures respectively when we were growing up.  

I was 6 in 1954 and do indeed remember that the Brown v. Board of Education case was a big deal in those days.     When I was in grade school I used to wonder “How did the black people wind up in this Jim Crow situation in the USA?   

The history of the evolution and fight for the extension of civil rights, labor rights of African-Americans and all people in North and South America from 1492 to 2014 is a fascinating story with millions of chapters for the millions of lives lived in those centuries. 

In 1948 when I was born all of Africa save Ethiopia, Ras Tafari be praised, was colonized.    Now I have been lucky enough to watch as one by one Ghana, Kenya, Senegal Cameroon, Nigeria, Angola and all the rest until South Africa finally released Nelson Mandela in 1992 and all of the Motherland the African continent, became technically politically free, if not economically independent.  

So we produce shows on what we really see on our trips there.  A recent show on “Anthony Allen and Early African-Americans in Hawaii aired on Channel 53 in January. 

We will air other programs in 2014 on the Dredlocked Pharaohs and the Pharaohs whose Obelisk monuments were taken to Rome by the Emperors.

The first time I read the name Nelson Mandela, I was in junior high school in Seattle in the 9th grade reading a Junior Scholastic article about the Apartheid government and racial caste laws in South African and Nelson Mandela’ participation in the leadership of the opposition to that ingrown racist discriminatory government in 1962.    

Ghana had become independent of British colonial rule in 1958 and Kwame Nkrumah was their first elected president. 

Macon Bolling Allen was the first African American Lawyer licensed to practice in US. Born free 1816 IN with the name Allen Macon Bolling.   His name was changed during his citizenship processing in Portland, ME in 1844.   He taught himself to read and write and became a school teacher in ME.   Bolling Allen  was a law clerk for General Samuel Fessenden, Esq.   He was granted a license to practice law in ME 1844 but was unable to find clients. He subsequently relocated to Boston, MA and opened a law firm making history as the first black justice of the peace.    Bolling Allen  later moved to SC and served as a judge and also worked as the attorney for the Land Improvement Association in Washington, DC.   He spent 50 years as a lawyer.   He died in 1894.

So while I was never a Black Panther, I was V.P. of the Black Student Union @ Reed College in 68 when we took over the President’S Office and the Administration building for a week demanding the creation of a Black Studies Program there.    

Ultimately Reed College agreed and a small one was formed.   We students knew there was a lot of African History before the slave trade commenced which we were not being taught.   We just did not know what it was.    I was 30 when I took my first trip to Africa.

Since then I have been back 4 times.    Daphne and I share what we see on these trips in our programs we record and show on Olelo and make available through the Internet through  AFRICANHISTORYVIDEOS.COM 

A lot of African History is carved in the columns and temples of the Nile from the Mediterranean South all the way to highlands of Ethiopia and great lakes of Kenya and Tanzania.    If you have not visited the Cairo Antiquities Museum, the Valleys of the Kings and Queens and seen the ancient wonders of KMT-Egypt, you are missing an important chapter in ancient African History.

Howard “Stretch” Johnson, Betty Jo Harris, Donnis Thompson, Ira VanterPoole and many others helped us reach out to the many community groups in Hawaii to appeal to the Japanese, Hawaiian Filipino, Chinese, Samoan and all of the other community groups to explain to them how the MLK Holiday was something good for them and a needed step in the evolution of Human Rights and Civil Rights in Hawaii.

And eventually most of them stood with us on the State Capital steps and urged their representatives to vote for the passage of the MLK Holiday bill because — The advancement of Human Rights showed a positive evolution and development for their communities and the State of Hawaii as a whole.

For in recognizing the importance and the validity of MLK’s struggle and sacrifice for Civil Rights for black people was actually a major step in the advancement of the evolution of Human Rights for All people, all of our communities and our nation have been strengthened by the greater guarantee of all American citizens rights.  

The Black Panthers spawned Grey Panthers, the Brown Panthers and even Pink Panthers.

The trend of history is clear Human Rights are continually evolving from a state of abject servitude to a more free state of independence and real liberty for all.

Even the trend of maximum sentencing and stripping of people convicted of non-violent crimes of their voting rights is beginning to wane, as more and more people realize we cannot lock up every felon for ever and it makes more sense to invest in schools than prisons.   

As much progress as we have made however there still remain big challenges of poverty, homelessness in our fantastically mineral rich country, as government has created multi-national monopolies which such up greater and greater percentages of the nations wealth and power.

The people have to find a way to exercise power for themselves and counter the weight of the big money.   A Constitutional Amendment clarifying that corporations are not people will help.    And I urge you to join me is signing petitions to push the Amendment through.

We have a Supreme Court which recently weakened the “Voting Rights Act.”    We have a Supreme Court which recently ruled that Corporation are People, and seems to favor undying corporations over the voting rights of real flesh and blood people. 

Even General-President Eisenhower warned us Not to allow the Military-Industrial Complex to buy our government representatives.    Angela Davis and many others have preached against the perversion of our democracy caused by a rampant and over indulged PRISON-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, which makes money off of keeping our citizens in jail.   Brad Manning revealed proof of massive excessive government spying. 

A wise man once said : “Yeah though you lend help to the least of these my brothers, you do it also for me!    STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!!

Color & the Constitution Andre’ & Daphne Wooten’s Public Affairs TV Show will air: 

“The Fiji-Thebes Connection”

March 14,   2014   4:30 PM   OLELO 53

March 20,   2014   9:00 AM   OLELO 53

March 22,   2014   7:30 PM   OLELO 53

March 27,   2014   9:00 AM   OLELO 53

Color & the Constitution Andre’ & Daphne Wooten’s Public Affairs TV Show will air:

 The 2014 Honolulu NAACP Dr MLK Awards

March  14,   2014  9:00 AM  OLELO 53

March  28,   2014  6:00 PM  OLELO 53

April  4,  2014   9:30 AM      OLELO 53

April  5,  2014   2:00 PM      OLELO 53