The International African Diaspora
 1HR.           $9.99  + S/H = $14.99

  The Fiji National Museum Charts Shows a migration from   
   Thebes, Egypt to the Melanesian Sea in the Pacific Ocean.

                   The MELANESIAN SEA

Take a video trip to The Island Nation of Fiji with us and learn about the early eastward migration of Africans out of African thousands of years before the Trans Atlantic slave trade began.   Drink Kava with the village Chief and learn the unique history of Fiji and the South Pacific.

11.      The Ballet Folclorio Do Brasil Perform & Teach Capoeira 101, at The U. of Hawaii 
      2 Hrs.        $9.99   + S/H  = $14.99
     Capoieristas in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

12. The Louvre Museum Egyptian-Kemetic Collection.   The Louvre Egyptian collection was actually begun by Napoleon's invasion of Egypt in 1798.    His compatriots appropriated hundreds of ancient wonders and took them to Paris.    

       See beautiful artifacts and jewelry depicting ancient African history and the parts of Aswan’s Elephantine Island ancient Temple of Khnum taken from Africa to Paris.
$9.99  ½ Hr.+ $5.00 s/h = $14.99

Attorney Andre’ S. Wooten is a story teller who has lectured in numerous Universities, schools, military bases, community centers and television.    

Atty. Andre’ Wooten conducts illustrated diversity and ethnicity sensitivity courses and sessions for businesses, schools and community organizations, as well as illustrated International African History and American Civil Rights Constitutional Law history presentations and lectures.      

Atty. Andre Wooten has produced over 50 programs as a part of his and his wife Daphne’ Color and the Construction series, which has aired on TV in Hawaii for nearly 20 years.
Only a few of which are previewed on YouTube or the AfricanHistoryVideos.Com websites.  

A one hour illustrated history and diversity presentation is $300.00  
A four hour illustrated  history and diversity presentation is $1000.00 
An all day illustrated  history and diversity presentation is session is $2000.

If mainland travel is involved air fare and lodging are required, unless the presentation coincides with a previously planned trip to that area.   

Presentation arrangements may be made by calling 808-545-4165 or contacting: